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The Stars Are Pointing To Delayed Election and Martial Law – Arch Crawford

Som en uppföljare till inlägget om att “Planeterna Vittnar Om Börskrasch Innan Mars 2013” kommer här en färsk intervju med Arch Crawford om vad återstoden av 2012 har att bjuda på om vi får tro stjärnorna.


The Stars Are Pointing To Delayed Election and Martial Law
Arch Crawford is convinced that the stars and planets do influence economic and political events here on earth. He’s studied their effects for over 40 years and his record of calling the important events has been impressive, if not perfect. And he’s extremely troubled by the election charts. He believes that it may be delayed or cancelled and that martial law might be in effect. He thinks mid September to the end of the month will be very chaotic and tumultuous times. He’s recommending that people stock up on food and consider the virtues of acquiring firearms. Of course we have no way of knowing whether he will be right or wrong, but we certainly can’t just dismiss his projections out of hand. Going back to the 2000 elections, the chart foreshadowed some extremely strange and weird events and we wound up with Bush v. Gore. While no one knows exactly what the future will bring, anything is certainly possible.

Planeterna Vittnar Om Börskrasch Innan Mars 2013

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
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Ibland snubblar jag över något som jag rynkar lite på näsan åt. Dock så försöker jag, om möjligt, att med ett öppet sinne ta in informationen och komma fram till min egen slutsats. Nu har vi här teknikern och astrofysikern Arch Crawford som hävdar att hans indikatorer pekar på en krasch i mars 2013, eller tidigare. Han är dock inte ensam om att förutspå en krasch 2013. Only time will tell. Enjoy dagens “out of the box”.

via Money Morning: Planets Align for Stock Market Crash in 2013 ­− If Not Sooner

Planets Align for Stock Market Crash in 2013 ­− If Not Sooner
Of all the tools one might use to predict a stock market crash in 2013, planetary alignments and solar particles are not, for most people, the first options that spring to mind.
But market analyst Arch Crawford has applied his arcane “astro indicators” for 35 years with surprising success.
You see, Crawford has forecast market crashes before. His astro indicators helped him predict the stock market crash of 1987, as well as the crash following the 9/11 attacks and the crash of 2008.
Now Crawford is speaking up as something just hit his radar again.
One of Crawford’s most reliable indicators crossed a threshold on July 18. That means he sees another major stock market crash hitting at some point between now and March 2013.
“Between 18th of July and the end of February [2013], I believe the markets worldwide will crash,” Crawford told GoldSeek Radio last week. “And that’s because that if any one of them falls, it’s going to take a bunch of others into a black hole.”