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The Official Bankster Dictionary

Humor och mörk verklighet i ett. Insiktsfullt och bra sammanställt. Läs, le, bli rädd och vakna upp!

via: zerohedge.com/contributed/2012-18-02/official-bankster-dictionary

US Federal Reserve = European controlled private bank.

Central Bank = Counterfeiting Ring Leader

Criminal Underworld Currency Counterfeiters = Competitors that must be arrested and jailed.

Savings Account = Devaluation Account, Cash Advance for Gambling Division

Gambling = Banking Primary Business Line

Fraud = Banking Secondary Business Line

Las Vegas, Macau, Atlantic City = Model for running business operations.

Inflation = Currency Devaluation through anti-free market manipulation of interest rates.

Fractional Reserve System = Fractional Expansion Citizen Bankruptcy System, BSE (Biggest Scam Ever)

Futures Markets = Manipulation Casino, SkyNet Three-Card Monte Scam

Pablo Escobar, Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, The Ochoa Hermanos, Yakuza = Cash Cows

El Subcomandante Marcos aka Delegado Zero = Anti-poverty activist that must be wacked and shut up

Independent Media = Terrorist

Mass Media = Allies

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