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Mind Over Money Documentary

Intressant dokumentär som berör vår värld. Hur spelar våra invanda mönster och psykologi in i våra beslut. Filmen visar att vi inte är så rationella som kanske kan förväntas av oss. Vårt logiska tänkande och riskbeteende ändras lätt efter hur vi känner, vad vi har varit med om nyligen och andras beteende runtomkring oss.

De matematiska modeller och former för ekonomin bygger på att vi agerar rationellt. Inte konstigt då att det inte alltid går som planerat. Nyligen fick vi en liten lektion i detta i “Lönesänkarna“.

Jag är inte förvånad att det kan gå åt he***te med ekonomin då de flesta för det första inte har kunskapen ens att förstå vad de skall räkna på vid ekonomiska beslut. Än mindre långsiktiga tänkandet att avstå lockelser och njutning nu. Och sist avundsjukan och känslan av att jag också minsann skall ha det bra nu. Gärna på annans bekostnad.

Måste Läsas: Perhaps a Crumble Rather Than a Collapse

Lies within Truth

Dagens absoluta måsteläsning kommer från Cognitive Dissonance från Zero Hedge: Perhaps a Crumble Rather Than a Collapse. Läs alla tre delarna och ifrågasätt din världsuppfattning. Jag utmanar dig att ta det röda pillret och utforska hur djupt kaninhålet verkligen är.

Perhaps a Crumble Rather Than a Collapse – By Cognitive Dissonance

Här följer några utvalda stycken från de tre delarna. LÄS NU!


Many more times than I care to admit I have found that what I previously thought was a solid conclusion was actually based not upon facts and reasoning, but upon preconceived notions (aka my conditioned worldview) as well as group think and/or consensus seeking. And just as often the real reason for my blind acceptance of certain facts and conclusions was to push my confirmation bias endorphin triggers again and again, as all severely addicted drug addicts are compelled to do. And boy oh boy do I love triggering my confirmation bias. There is no other drug induced high quite like knowing that I’m right and you’re wrong………except knowing that I’m right and everyone else is wrong.

The only thing better than being right when we know everyone else is wrong is cahooting with others who validate our beliefs. You scratch my confirmation bias and I’ll scratch yours.

The brilliance behind our so-called (illusionary) freedom (of choice) is that we almost always consciously choose our own enslavement. The genius lay in never forcing us to make one large and final decision in favor of enslavement. “Sure, I’ll be a slave for life. Are there any fringe benefits?” The socioeconomic control system helpfully breaks the decision making process down into tiny little bite sized bits of slippery slope while sweetening the gruel with flashing lights and artificial colors, tastes and textures. “OMG, it’s the iPad mini in white and silver with a ruby red cover. Can I charge it?”

The all consuming fear based economic mind control money meme of (among other things) contrived scarcity is the Trojan horse that gains entry to our mind and spirit and it is something we for the most part willingly embrace even while denouncing certain select portions of it as ‘the’ problem. We are simply unwilling to look critically at the entire money meme, at the artificial and contrived scarcity of many resources which is designed to demand of us that we ‘pay’ (our masters) just so that we may continue to exist.

Catch 22


The modern day financial system is entirely dependent upon our manipulated and deeply compromised faith and belief in order to function. By distorting our perception of (economic) reality, by pushing the boundary between believability and unbelievability further and further out, the socioeconomic system can endure long past its math and science based projected failure date. Add in our intense desire to believe, in part due to our raging co-dependency, and we can see how Wile E. Coyote can travel well past the cliff edge in flagrant violation of gravity.

Economic gravity doesn’t matter…….until it is consciously recognized and emotionally accepted as detrimental, then suddenly it matters a whole lot and comes roaring back with a vengeance. Ignorance truly is bliss, regardless of whether it comes in the form of a true lack of knowledge and understanding or as a part of our denial or as part of a manipulated and distorted perception.


The authority mustlie because most people do not want to hear the truth precisely because that particular truth will undermine the BIG LIE. The official lie in question is actually just one lie within hundreds of deeper lies, all supporting each other like a house of cards.

Once we ‘know’ something it is now ours to own and deal with. Since we cannot un-know something, only deny it, we would much rather not know it in the first place.

To those who would argue that they really do not believe in the system, that they are simply going with the flow and accepting their paycheck or any other compensation they receive in whatever coin of the realm is demanded of them, my response is simple. The system feeds upon your ‘willing’ participation in whatever form you present it as.


Psykologiskt Husköpande

Denna artikel från Business Insider sammanfattar en artikel publicerad vid Köpenhamns Universitet: “At least I didn’t lose money”
– Nominal Loss Aversion Shapes Evaluations of Housing Transactions


Artikeln visar på att vi människor generellt föredrar stigande priser och vi gillar att se vår investering(?) huset gå med vinst även om detta bara är nominellt. Dvs att värdet ökar pga inflation, men om vi skulle ta det reala värdet så skulle affären visa en förlust. Detta är ett känt faktum att en miljö med mild inflation gör att alla känner sig rikare. Värdet på tillgångar stiger. Löneökningar m.m. Detta övertrumfar ofta prisstegringarna på övriga varor.

The gist is that people have a strong psychological aversion to nominal losses, and that if presented with two transactions that give people identical real losses (meaning inflation adjusted) people will consistently rate more favorably the transaction that gave them an inflation-adjusted gain.

Lite tråkigt bara när denna bubbla spricker och illusionen om rikedom försvinner. Kvar blir bara skulderna och krossade drömmar. Vad skulle ditt hus vara värt om räntorna vore dubbelt mot i dag? Om oljepriset var 150$ tunnan? Och elpriset stigit med 50%?

I ett samhälle inte så långt i framtiden…

Mer om ämnet:


9-11+11 – Cloning Terror

Via: zerohedge.com/contributed/2012-09-11/9-1111-terrorism-cloned-crony-capitalists


Cloning, like terrorism, is an iconic concept, loaded with ideological and mythic connotations. It is not merely an abstract or technical idea, but conjures up associations with abortion, test-tube babies, reproduction without sex or sexual difference, Nazi eugenics, and the commodification of organs and organ donors. It has the ability, then, to mobilize deep antipathy across the political spectrum, arousing both secular anxieties about “unnatural” processes and religious taboos on “playing god” with the creation and destruction of life. The figure of the clone has become synonymous with images of mutants, replicants, cyborgs, and mindless, soulless masses of identical warriors, ready to sacrifice themselves in suicide missions. What might be called “clonophobia” embraces a host of anxieties, from the specter of the uncanny double and the evil twin to the more generalized fear of the loss of individual identity.

If the so-called War on Terror was the dominant foreign policy melody of the Bush era, then, what could have been called the “Clone Wars” provided the baseline foundation for domestic policy. The war on terror united the faith-based community with a larger popular majority traumatized by the attacks of 9/11. Meanwhile, the stem cell issue fortified the faith-based community’s hostility toward science, especially the sciences concerned with life and reproduction, and coupled it with suspicions on the left about the commodification of life forms by technology. Karl Rove, Bush’s chief political advisor, made cloning the signature issue of the first year of Bush’s presidency. From a political standpoint, however, the shift from cloning to terror was the greatest good fortune the Bush administration could have wished for. Instead of fighting an indecisive battle over bioethics, it drew the winning hand in a holy war on terrorism. While cloning is debatable, a matter for serious ethical reflection, almost no one is willing to take the side of terrorism.

MER > zerohedge.com/contributed/2012-09-11/9-1111-terrorism-cloned-crony-capitalists