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A Billionaire’s Bet on Inflation – Frank Giustra

CEO.ca har gjort en mycket bra intervju med miljadären Frank Giustra. Frank ligger bakom Lionsgate films och flera stora bolag inom naturresurssektorn. Mycket sevärd!



60000 Ton Guld Stulet Av Kartellen För Att Möta Margin Calls – Jim Willie

Ytterligare en intervju med Jim Wille och Silver Doctors där de pratar mer i detalj om hur Morgan Stanley troligen har agerat hitman och tagit på sig otroliga mängder derivat för att trycka ner 10 Year T-note från 3,5% till mer önskvärda nivåer. Manipulationen har inga gränser.

De pratar också om rättegången i USA där det fastställdes att det i princip är ok att stjäla pengar från privata konton om en mäklarfirma går omkull. Jim liknar det med en jättestor blinkande varningslampa om att det kommer att själas mer pengar framöver när banker går omkull.

Vidare tar de upp det faktum att banker i väst, kartellen, utsätts för påtryckningar från intressen i öst på grund av det faktum att de har nyttjat guld från allocated accounts för att betala margin calls m.m. Nästa stora skandal som kommer att överträffa LIBOR.


$2500 Gold Means War – Catherine Austin Fitts

Chaterine Austin Fitts har en otrolig insikt i vad som sker bakom kulisserna i ekonomin och politiken i världen. Det är inte jättevanligt att en kvinna uttalar sig om ekonomin så det är uppskattad lyssning och väl värt tiden! Hon driver hemsidan solari.com där hon ger ut sin rapport samt skriver blogg.


Direkt MP3 Länk

Catherine Austin Fitts is in a unique position to understand the machinations and inner workings of the matrix that controls our world. Her extensive experience in Washington and on Wall Street gives her a unique perspective. She’s quite concerned about the loss of freedoms we’re all suffering and the elite’s ruthlessness to keep and maintain power. She believes that freedom seekers need to hit a critical mass of fiver percent of the population or more, for real change to occur. She thinks that you need to tune out the mainstream media to end their influence over you. And she believes that genetically modified food is their effort to lower the world’s population. Some of her views are extremely controversial, but no one can argue with her experience or depth of knowledge. Listening to this interview will be time well spent.



Grilled Jackass – Jim Willie & Turd Fergusson

I en intevju som är över 1 timme lång går Jim Wille från goldenjackass.com igenom aktuella händelser, guld & silver, manipulation och vad som sker bakom kulisserna i världen. Häll upp en kaffe och njut!


Direkt MP3 Podcast (högerklicka, spara som)

OK, so here’s the deal. We’ve made it through the doldrums. For over 100 days, gold and silver have based and consolidated and, this week, they have finally broken out. Now, before the fireworks begin, we have a 3-day weekend. Knowing that you’ve got some time to kill over the next few days, I figured that today was the perfect time to give the mic to The Jackass.

But here’s the deal: This is not your usual podcast. Knowing that you had all weekend to listen, I let Jim go and responded with an interview that clocks in at an hour and ten minutes! If that seems like a lot, please break it up into parts. Jim covers an extraordinary amount of information here and it is imperative that you listen to the entire thing. And, what the heck? You’ve got three days. This should help you to kill the time.

One last thing, Jim and I struggled all day to get a good Skype connection. This recording was made while we had the best connection we could make but it still wasn’t perfect. You’ll notice several intervals where Jim disappears for a few seconds. Please be patient and hang in there. The podcast resumes each time.

Have a great weekend!


JP Morgan Is Finished – Bill Murphy



Suffering on a Biblical Scale – Gregory Mannarino

Insiktsfullt och övertygande. Speciellt hans sista kommentarer: “America needs to once again become an industrial power.” … “We need to make things” … “My advice to young people would be to study something related to industry”.

Precis! Skapa rikedom! Lokalproducerat. Energieffektivt. Rikedomsskapande på riktigt! Läs: peakswe.se/2012/04/att-skapa-rikedom/

YouTubekanal: youtube.com/user/GregVegas5909

Greg Mannarino is a former Bear Stearns floor trader in the mid 1990’s.  He has written seven books on the ongoing financial crisis.  His latest is called“The Politics of Money.”  Mannarino is a rising star on the internet for his YouTube commentaries.  He says, “The global debt bubble is the biggest in all of mankind, and every single one has burst in the past.”  He thinks what has been going on since the 2008 financial meltdown, “Is theft on a scale that is unimaginable.”   When this debt bubble bursts, Mannarino thinks, “People are going to suffer on a Biblical scale. . . . People are not going to be able to acquire basic resources.”

He predicts, “I am certain we are going to see violent crime erupt on a global level.”  Mannarino shucked it all to go to medical school, and today he is a practicing physician’s assistant.  He’s back on the internet to warn people of what he sees coming in the not-so-distant future.  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Greg Mannarino.


The Stars Are Pointing To Delayed Election and Martial Law – Arch Crawford

Som en uppföljare till inlägget om att “Planeterna Vittnar Om Börskrasch Innan Mars 2013” kommer här en färsk intervju med Arch Crawford om vad återstoden av 2012 har att bjuda på om vi får tro stjärnorna.


The Stars Are Pointing To Delayed Election and Martial Law
Arch Crawford is convinced that the stars and planets do influence economic and political events here on earth. He’s studied their effects for over 40 years and his record of calling the important events has been impressive, if not perfect. And he’s extremely troubled by the election charts. He believes that it may be delayed or cancelled and that martial law might be in effect. He thinks mid September to the end of the month will be very chaotic and tumultuous times. He’s recommending that people stock up on food and consider the virtues of acquiring firearms. Of course we have no way of knowing whether he will be right or wrong, but we certainly can’t just dismiss his projections out of hand. Going back to the 2000 elections, the chart foreshadowed some extremely strange and weird events and we wound up with Bush v. Gore. While no one knows exactly what the future will bring, anything is certainly possible.