Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan

Alex Jones från Info Wars gästade Piers Morgan och gjorde tyvärr bort sig lite i frågan om gun control i USA. Alex jobbar hårt på sin show för att ta fram fakta och visa på vad som sker framför våra ögon i samhället. Om än mer i USA än här. Dock så jobbar han som Chris Duane har påpekat med att skrämma oss dagligen. Vi fastnar i en spiral av rädsla och ilska. Dessa känslor tog också överhanden när Alex debaterade och tyvärr blev det inte så bra som det hade kunnat.


Chris Duanes svar:


2 thoughts on “Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan

  1. marx"o"polo

    Hundreds of thousands if not millions by now (growing hugely each day) think Alex actually did well, me I agree. He was a bit angry for sure but it´s genuine anger coming from a genuine man wanting nothing else then the best for his country.

    Alex is the man and have created a huge awakening probably never seen before in history of man and have showed the people that these evil forces does indeed exist so now we have a war on our hands. Swedes are not used to war and have been in the comfort zone long enough to rather stay asleep then waking up to realize it will most likely cost a huge number of lives to overthrow the evil cabal. Sleep on if you prefer that but sources in my country are taking over yours and rest of the world while you sleep.

    Please Sweden, don´t just accept the bs you are being feed, Sweden just like America was once a great nation that everyone looked up to but that time is long gone by now. Your downfall started with the unfair (CIA operation fyi) of Olof Palme, he didn´t wanna go along with the rape of Sweden that followed so he had to pay, with his life obviously.

    1. Petter Post author

      Thank you for your comment!

      I agree with what Alex I has to say. I just didn’t like the delivery method. He’s frustrated knowing how it is behind the curtains and I understand it’s hard to keep calm. Hopefully he did get some people to question things or google some facts. We jut have to keep waking people up one way or the other!


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