We’re living in two Americas.

One understands that our economic situation, debt levels and social welfare expenditures are untenable.

And the other believes that if they can just vote the right people into office they won’t ever have to work or worry again. They are under the assumption that their phone bill, food, electricity, rent, medical bills and retirements will be taken care of from cradle to grave. In their perfect world, the government creates the wealth and redistributes that wealth to everyone. Where this wealth and money comes from is anybody’s guess.

If you’re part of the former, then the following video recorded at a Mitt Romney rally near Cleveland, Ohio will make you absolutely sick…

Via The Daily Sheeple:

Wow mänskligheten har verkligen klättrat uppåt på IQ-stegen! Överflöd åt folket. Våga inte tänka vad som skulle kunna ske när telefonerna slutar komma. Eller maten, vattnet, pengarna och allt annat… Samhället är ganska skört.

via: shtfplan.com/headline-news/watch-keep-obama-in-president-you-know-he-gave-us-a-phone-food-stamps-social-security_09272012

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