Köpkraften I Våra Valutor Försvinner

Viktig artikel om köpkraften i våra valutor. Då alla våra valutor mäts mot varandra så blir resultatet även om alla faller som stenar ett oförändrat index. Jag har tidigare skrivit lite om detta i peakswe.se/2012/09/bitcoin-vs-fiatvalutor-vs-guld-silver/


The net result is that the dollar index remains tightly bound in its range, as do all of the other currencies, yet all devalue against real goods and services.  As currency wars ramp up, the nominal values applied to currencies in this model will become increasingly irrelevant and misleading. In fact, one could argue, given its decline across so many areas, that a collapse in the value of the dollar is already taking place, and it is being disguised, not displayed, by the dollar index.

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