Extreme Symptoms & Hidden Menace – Jim Willie

Jim Willies senaste utdrag från hans Hat Trick Letter. Om den globala finansiella krisen, USA, guld m.m. Viktigt att komma ighåg är att om du tycker det är mycket USA på denna blogg så är det för att USA är väldens största ekonomi. Så som USA går går också till stor del resten av världen. Och som Bodis senast skrev om så är Sverige en ganska liten, exportberoende ekonomi.


– Deep dependence upon bond monetization without sterilization has become the norm
– The hidden motive for QE3 is to bury multi-$trillion mortgage bond fraud
– The USDollar global reserve privilege will be victim to the never-ending global financial crisis
– The COMEX and LBMA are scrambling to find Gold & Silver supply for inventory
– The Gold price is forming the right side handle in consolidation
– The target remains 1990, to be realized by the QE gears

Some competent analysts claim the United States and Western nations are stuck in the eye of the hurricane. Maybe so, but the internal stresses are so great that they will move beyond the eye into a zone of clearly apparent destruction soon. Some aware analysts believe the bond monetization plans will lift the financial markets. Maybe so, but the ensuing and continuing damage to the economies is profound from rising cost structures. Some awakening analysts no longer look to the USFed as a source of solutions. They see the central bank as increasingly desperate, pushing the same levers that accomplished nothing in the past. In fact, the failing central bank franchise system is visible in the open for all to see, with the embarrassment noticeable when the good chairman speaks as high priest of hollow dogma. New money backed by nothing swims around, financing the USGovt deficits, redeeming toxic bonds, adding nothing to the capital base. In the background is a pernicious effect, having come full circle. The Chinese industrial expansion since year 2000 came largely at the expense of the Western economies. They forfeited thousands of factories in the mindless pursuit of lower costs, while overlooking the abandoned wealth engines that produced legitimate income. In the last couple years, the Western economies have served as weakened customers for the Chinese production. The effect finally has slammed China, which complains of weaker US and European demand. Any trip through Spain will demonstrate that smaller Spanish factories and mills are shut down, with Chinese imports in replacement, as local shops stock mainly Chinese products.


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