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Blondie skriver om Freegold på flowofvalue.blogspot.se. Precis som FOFOA är ämnet Freegold och vårt monetära system. Här kommer obligatorisk läsning om Freegold och hur detta skulle fungera i praktiken:


A Freegold Standard
Value is created whenever one brings into existence a good or service in which anyone finds utility. Any surplus value (stock of value, aka wealth) accrued after income and expenses (flow of value) are netted out is most expediently stored in unencumbered physical gold (Freegold). Currency finds value in accord with its ease of exchange for gold. If a currency is valuable, it is easy to find gold bidding for it, if not then more currency must be offered until gold is coaxed out to exchange for it.

The monetary system, as the sum of its functions (unit of account; medium of exchange; store of value), is simply the system we collectively agree to use to facilitate the flow of value between individuals and groups in society (without such a flow we would all need to be completely self-sufficient individuals). As such, the functioning of the system is much easier to visualize when we consider it in terms of only the value and how the value circulates, is stored, and ultimately consumed as a sophisticated spontaneous and continually evolving arrangement of stocks and flows. Viewing money as simply currency (medium of exchange), and accounting for transactions only in nominal currency terms is misleading – currency has value in accord with the value of real goods or services for which it may be exchanged only, and this exchangeability is not fixed, but rather always in flux. Value is simply the measure of utility, and if a currency buys less or none of what one wants, then it has little or no utility, and hence little or no value. A system of account requires a unit with at least some sort of objective basis to have relevance.

MER: flowofvalue.blogspot.se/2011/04/freegold-standard.html

2 thoughts on “A Freegold Standard – Blondie

  1. Casper

    Freegold är utan tvekan en av de intressantaste tankeskolorna inom ädelmetaller. Att dessutom Another och Friend of Another förefaller att ha kontakter riktigt högt upp eller t o m vara högt placerade i bankvärlden gör inte saken mindre intressant…

    1. Petter Post author

      Ja det är otroligt intressant och jag har börjat omvärdera var jag står i frågan silver vs. guld. Att ädelmetaller överlag kommer att göra bra ifrån sig är enligt mig ganska givet, men Freegold skiner starkare desto mer jag läser om det.


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