Senaste Jackass: Conflicts & Pressure Points

Some extremely powerful differentials in power are setting themselves up, in a manner never seen before in modern history. Those who dismiss the uniqueness of the situation are those who continually are surprised by events as they unfold. The pressure features the managers of the system, complete with corruption and fraud with official coverups in a never-ending sequence of crime scenes, pitted against the forces of justice and fair markets. Not a single fair market exists in USDollar terms. In pure Orwellian style, every single market has a US-based or London-based financial engineer at a control panel doing duty in price intervention. The Western defenders of the syndicate do not wish for the price structure to reflect the reality of physical shortage or the bounty of paper-based surplus, for the currencies to reflect true toxic value, and for the discovery price systems to reflect the raids of private accounts. The system is broken, and the pressure is building.

Lite utdrag:

The modern nobility of economists is unspeakably incompetent, having lost their chapters on capital formation, having replaced them with chapters on controls and hidden intervention tools, with an appendix of banking system diagrams that appears like a perpetual motion machine (or vast money laundering system).

What JPMorgan does in order to maintain the price structures, much like a master maestro, is to raid Allocated Gold accounts while at the same time raid the GLD exchange traded fund gold inventories.

the powerful move in precious metals prices that took place between August 2010 and April 2011 was a direct result of certain restraints placed upon JPMorgan and their interference with the Gold & Silver markets.

The true refuge is Gold & Silver, the constant over the ages, which will return to the core center of banking and trade. The justice meted out will be trade systems dictating to banking reserve systems, or else face obsolescence.

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