All That Is Needed…

Akilleshälen för hela vårt ekonomiska system är silvermarknaden som är så liten och utsatt att det skulle räcka med en stor order från en miljadär eller ett land eller många små köpare samtidigt för att exponera manipulationen och få hela det finansiella systemet att krackelera. Världen är beroende av billigt guld mätt i dollar. Guld är beroende av silver och tvärt om. En rubbning i detta förhållande skulle få otroliga konsekvenser.

Världens pris på guld & silver i dag bygger på ett papperspris som bygger på ett förhållande på 100:1 där vi har 100 gånger mer krav på metaller i form av papper än det finns riktig metall! Ohållbart!

All that is needed…

…is just one Billionaire to place an order on the COMEX for Silver and POOF…it’s all over! Seriously, this is true, just a single $1 Billion order would basically wipe out ALL deliverable Silver held at the COMEX. Not only that, I suspect that if a huge order came through (which is discouraged by position limits on the long side), much of the supposed “deliverable” Silver would change categories or even evaporate prior to being delivered. Think about how small $1 Billion is. It is equal to roughly a mere 8 hours time of which our government borrows 24/7. It is like going to bed and getting a good 8 hours of sleep…wake up and we borrowed another $1 Billion. Only in this case, once this market gets broken and trust me, $1 Billion will do it, we will go to sleep, wake up, and no Silver will be available.


James Turk’s Q&A with GoldMoney followers

3) Wayne Sweetman: The Gold lease market is far beyond a 1:1 ratio of physical gold ownership to paper claims on gold. What ratio do you expect this is at today?

JT: To restate your question, there is a lot more paper gold than physical gold, which I wholeheartedly agree. I had always assumed it was about 20-to-1. But in CFTC testimony last year, one witness suggested it was 100-to-1. But here’s the key point.

Owning paper-gold instead of physical gold is like playing the children’s game, musical chairs. When the music stops, there are never enough chairs for everyone. Translating that into gold, when the music stops, someone who owns paper gold will end up with nothing but a broken promise. So why take the risk? Own physical instead. Monetary history shows repeated busts and collapses occur when people rush out of paper into physical metal. The reason of course is that physical metal does not have counterparty risk, which is something to avoid in a financial bust when promises are being broken all the time.

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