Freegold explained for my Grandmother

FOFOA skriver djupt och ingående om Guldets roll som “wealth reserve” och “the ultimate store of value”. Ämnet är Freegold och här kommer en förklaring på ett stycke om vad freegold är och vad det innebär för oss.

Detta är en teaser på freegold. För att förstå konceptet helt så gå in på FOFOAs blog och läs. Allt. Du kommer att lära dig mycket om världens marknader, aktuella händelser, inflation vs. deflation, oljemarknaden m.m.

Freegold explained for my Grandmother
For a monetary system to work, anyone, anywhere, must be able to exchange the currency for gold at a floating rate. This is FREEGOLD. It is all of the natural consequences that will flow from the ending of fractional reserve bullion banking, an unsustainable modern carryover from the official gold standard of yesteryear.

The definition of store of value as a monetary function is how long participants are willing to hold any excess of said money for the purpose of storing value. The separation of this role from transactional currency means that excess currency will be spent rather than stored for its long term value. What you spend it on is up to you. Freedom of choice, bra!! But the “focal point” of this global activity will probably not be baseball cards.

Egna tillägg:

Gold! It is the only medium that currencies do not “move thru”. It is the only Money that cannot be valued by currencies. It is gold that denominates currency. It is to say “gold moves thru paper currencies

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