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FOFOA bloggar på fofoa.blogspot.com och skriver om dagens ekonomiska system med fokus på inflation och guld. Väldigt långa bloggposter. Väldigt djupgående diskussioner och förklaringar. Väl värt tiden att läsa!

I hans senaste post om debatten mellan Inflation och Hyperinflation lyfter han fram flera skrämmande och intressanta poänger.


Vi står på avgrundens kant. Hyperinflation kommer med största sannolikhet.

..What changes is the recognition of what we do produce for ourselves and what we require from others to maintain our current standard of living… We will come to know just how “above” our capabilities we have been living. Receiving free support by way of an overvalued dollar that we spent without the pain of work…

…Again; this all works as long as the world “buys into” using our dollars. As I said; an expanding fiat works to grow the economy thru expanding credit buying power because the fed can support the system with credit creation that has no “inflation premium”. That lack of premium only exists as long as Americans can exchange free credit for real physical goods. Once this perception changes it’s over. Once the world understands that it’s not local US goods that stands behind dollar growth, but less expensive foreign goods,,,,,,,,,, the stage is set for our “supporters” to sell to themselves! Making themselves 
“lifestyle rich”. All they need is Another currency unit….

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