Kina Att Köpa Olja Av Iran För Guld

Kina öppnar för möjlighet att köpa olja av Iran och betala i guld. Precis som Indien redan gör i dagsläget. En jätteutveckling som slår hårt mot dollarn och dess beroende av oljehandel. Petrodollar.

Jim Sinclar tar upp i en intervju på King World News att detta är betydelsefullt för guldet som får mer trovärdighet i handel.

Sinclair – Shorts Now Trapped & Gold Could Gap Up to $3,000

…The type of buyers that central banks have been, could actually create a situation where the only supply coming in for gold would be new mining supply. You could then get into an exogenous event, Israel versus Iran, there are many possibilities on this planet right now for an event coming out of nowhere with significant political implications….

You might be trading somewhere around $1,650. How do you know you couldn’t open at $3,000 the next day if there was no way for this enormous paper short to cover itself (because) the physical market went into a vacuum? The physical market is constantly in off-take, it’s not in supply….

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