It’s The Debt, stupid

En kort podcast om dagens ohållbara skuldsituation. Mycket fokus på USA så klart, då dollarn är vital för världens ekonomi då det är världens reservvaluta samt det rådande systemet med petrodollarn.

Sedan en mycket insiktsfull kommentar på inlägget

Rahul, good point about the stock market must stay high or the ponzi crashes.

Here are some more crazy things to think about:

1. Bond yields MUST stay lower than the inflation rate.
2. The interest rate MUST stay close to 0 or banks die.
3. The stock market MUST stay high.
4. Tax donkeys around the world MUST “agree” to take on trillions of more debt.
5. Gold price MUST not hit $1764, this price being the inflection point at which price goes parabolic according to Jim Sinclar.
6. Silver MUST not go ballistic even though all the world’s silver could be purchased with a few days of printing.
7. Iranians MUST not sell their oil outside the petrodollar.
8. Americans MUST stay asleep while increasing their consumption despite being broke.
9. Ron Paul MUST not be elected even though he’s the only one getting crowds.
10. A 22% unemployment rate MUST be widely believed to 8.1%
11. People MUST pay up to $5/gallon for gas while believing that there is no inflation.
12. Every 3 workers MUST now support 1 social security/medicare recipient in the US.
13. BAnkers MUST carve up another 166 billion of bonuses this season while downsizing more workers.

I don’t see how in the fuck they do it. Pretty impressive really.

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